What is Curative Hypnotherapy?

What you need to know about Curative Hypnotherapy

Curative Hypnotherapy is a term that refers to any type of hypnotherapy that seeks to permanently dispose of and resolve – rather than temporarily repress – your symptoms or problems.

I specialise in an advanced form of curative hypnotherapy known as Lesserian™ Curative Hypnotherapy (LCH).

On your quest for a suitable hypnotherapy treatment you might have felt overwhelmed by the various types of hypnotherapy on offer (e.g. clinical, medical, analytical, ...) as well as other branches of therapy, for example CBT and counselling.

Although all hypnotherapists may utilise a state of relaxation (hypnosis), the way in which they use it can differ considerably.

In order to help you to decide which kind of treatment might be the most appropriate for you and, therefore, what kind of questions you might want to ask a therapist about their approach, it is important to understand the underlying principles of these therapies as well as their aims and purposes.

Some therapies tend to focus on specific questions, such as: "what symptoms do you experience", "what would you like to change", "what modifications can be made to your thoughts and actions in order to help you to manage or ease your symptoms". They often deal with the conscious, thinking, rational part of the mind through suggestion-based hypnosis and can provide rapid short-term changes. Other treatments may focus on when your problem started, when it is triggered and when it is at its most severe. This might help you to reflect on an event in your life and the impact it still has on you.

If – despite knowledge of when your problem started and that your reaction (symptom) to it is unhelpful – you continue to suffer, LCH might be the right choice for you, as it is focusses on the 'why': e.g. "why am I reacting differently to this situation from most people" or "why can't I move on from this experience?"

What happens during a session?

Initial Consultation 

Your first appointment provides an opportunity  for us to find out more about each other.

I will ask you relevant questions about your problem or condition in order to gain an understanding of how it affects you now and the changes you seek. I will provide you with explanations about the treatment, will answer your questions and together we can decide whether and how to proceed.

You then will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the relaxing state of hypnosis and see for yourself how natural and pleasant this relaxation is and how easy it is to achieve.

By the end of this session you will know what to expect from the relaxation and the treatment.

Payment will be taken for this consultation and an appointment for your first treatment session will be made, should you wish to continue.

Treatment Sessions

Because every person is unique, there is no set format to these sessions. However the overall aim is to identify and deal with the cause of your problem(s).

A variety of relaxing techniques, tailored to you, will be employed while we work with your subconscious. This will help to understand how and why the condition started, to aid correcting it, and to help to prevent relapse in the future.

All techniques are straightforward. Simply enjoy the relaxation and leave each visit feeling at ease and refreshed.